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Our Promise to Our Clients

It is amazing how often I meet with potential clients who tell me they have met with other criminal defense attorneys and that one of those attorneys has guaranteed a specific result if the client hired that attorney. As a lawyer, hearing such stories troubles me. First, we are attorneys, not fortune tellers, and it is impossible to say at the very beginning of a case exactly what will happen because there are absolutely no true guarantees within the criminal justice system. Second, it is inappropriate and deemed unethical by the Florida Bar’s Code of Professional Conduct for a criminal defense attorney to promise a particular result during the course of representation.

The above said, there is a promise I willingly make to every potential client that consults with our firm regarding possible representation. At Dicembre Law, we promise we will work hard and put forth the utmost effort on our clients’ behalf and do our very best to seek out and obtain the best result possible for their particular case. For this reason, I personally practice solely within the realm of criminal defense. I believe it is our job to try and shield our clients from the efforts of the prosecution to convict, punish and incarcerate them, and to do everything within our ability to prevent the government from being able to obtain their desired result. In addition to working hard for our clients, it is important to communicate with them honestly. There are some cases where, unfortunately, some sort of penalty and/or conviction is in fact unavoidable. In those circumstances, our promise is to be completely candid with the client regarding their case and their particular situation so that the client does not travel through the justice system blindly. If a case cannot be won in the classical sense via dismissal, we do our utmost to avoid incarceration and attempt to utilize creative sentencing options (i.e probation, house arrest, drug treatment) in its place. Where incarceration is unavoidable, we do everything possible to minimize the potential sentence. We promise to provide our clients with an honest assessment of their case and give them all of the information necessary to make an intelligent and informed decision when weighing their options. We may not always tell a client what they want to hear, but I promise that we will in fact advise a client of the true circumstances he or she is facing and to achieve the best result we possibly can for any given client.

Michael D. Dicembre

Michael D. Dicembre, Esq.
Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney