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Experienced Defense Against Drug Possession Charges in Florida

If you face drug possession charges in Orlando, Central Florida or in any other place in Florida, you need to talk to an Orlando Drug Lawyer immediately.

The majority of the cases handled by the Orlando criminal defense attorneys at Dicembre & Nace are drug related. Our Orlando lawyers defend all drug related offenses in both federal and state court, including "Sale and Delivery" charges, "Trafficking" offenses and, of course, the most common of all drug offenses - Drug Possession.

Orlando Drug Possession Lawyer Michael DicembreOn any given day in Central Florida, hundreds of people may be arrested in drug possession cases. Compared to other drug cases, the penalties typically associated with a conviction for "possession" or "simple possession" may not seem life-altering, but criminal defense attorneys advise anyone arrested or charged with a drug related offense in Orlando, Kissimmee, Seminole or anywhere in Central Florida to contact an attorney to discuss your case before deciding how you want to proceed. The reality is a drug possession case can have real, life-long consequences if not handled properly. First, any conviction for a drug possession case in the State of Florida requires a 2 year Driver License Revocation. Second, most possession cases, except those involving a minimal amount of cannabis, are felony offenses and a felony conviction can have serious consequences in terms of jobs, schools and housing.

Possession cases usually fall into one of two categories:

  1. The defendant was found to be in actual possession of the drug in question (for example, drugs found in a defendant's pocket);
  2. The defendant was found to be in constructive possession of the drug in question (for example, drugs were found in the console of a car in which the defendant was a passenger).

In both situations, certain questions need to be asked and/or investigated:

  • How did the police come into contact with the accused?
  • Where were the drugs found?
  • Why and on what authority did the police search?
  • Did the defendant consent to search?
  • How did law enforcement ask for that consent?
  • Was there a search warrant? On what grounds was the warrant obtained?
  • What, if any, statements did the defendant make? Under what circumstances, were those statements made?

Contact our Orlando Drug Lawyers in Central Florida

There are a couple of sentencing alternatives available to those accused accused of drug possession charges in Florida. The Orlando criminal and drug defense lawyers at Dicembre & Nace have experience with both actual and constructive possession cases and understand the issues involved in drug possession cases. If you live in Orlando or in any other place in Central Florida and have been charged with Drug Possession, please call the Central Florida criminal defense attorneys at Dicembre & Nace today at 407-649-1999. You may also fill out our online form and we will contact you back as soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation and will keep your information confidential.


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