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The Issue of Bond in Drug Trafficking Cases

Central Florida Drug Trafficking Lawyer - Based in OrlandoIn the beginning or inception of a Drug Trafficking case, those arrested and their families typically face the daunting and seemingly hopeless task of getting the defendant out of jail while the case is pending. Many times, a person arrested for trafficking will be held initially without bond. More often, there will be a bond amount set but it will be so high that posting the bond is virtually impossible. $100,000.00, $250,000.00, $500,000.00 and even $1 million bonds are not uncommon.

A person arrested for Drug Trafficking in Orlando or in any other place in the State of Florida is, in most cases, entitled to a bond and that bond must be reasonable. The Orlando drug trafficking lawyer at Dicembre Law has been representing defendants in drug related criminal offenses for more than a decade and routinely seek to have bonds set or reduced to reasonable amounts so that their clients do not have to remain in custody when the case is pending. Most times, our Central Florida drug trafficking defense attorneys can often have a Motion to Set Reasonable Bond or a Motion to Reduce Bond filed in the first 24 hours after being retained.

Drug Trafficking - Mandatory Sentences

A person charged with 'Drug Trafficking' is facing the most serious criminal drug related offense under Florida law. In addition to being felony level offenses, all drug trafficking charges in Florida carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. This means that, if convicted, the judge assigned to the case would have no discretion and would be required, at the minimum, to sentence the Defendant to the prison term specified by law.

Hiring the Right Drug Defense Lawyer Matters

Orlando Drug Trafficking Attorney
Because of the mandatory penalties associated with trafficking offenses, resolving a trafficking case is not as simple as "negotiating a deal." You need an experienced and knowledgeable Orlando drug trafficking lawyer to thoroughly examine every aspect of your case. In most drug trafficking cases, the key to a successful defense comes from scrutinizing and exploring the actions of the police. Before deciding on the best defense to a drug trafficking case, many questions need to be answered:

  • How did the police come into contact with the accused?
  • Where were the drugs found?
  • Why and on what authority did the police search?
  • Did the defendant consent to search? How did law enforcement ask for that consent?
  • Was there a search warrant? On what grounds was the warrant obtained?
  • Did the police use a Confidential Informant?
  • Was the Informant working off his/her own charges or for money?
  • Were there wire taps? Is there video of an alleged transaction?
  • What, if any, statements did the defendant make? Under what circumstances, were those statements made?
  • Did the police use a 'K-9' officer?

Our Central Florida drug trafficking defense attorneys in Orlando know that the answers to these questions and more can have a significant impact on your case. If law enforcement did not have the right to stop or search you or if your constitutional rights were, in any way, violated, the prosecution might not be able to use the evidence collected against you.

MICHAEL D. DICEMBRE - Orlando Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Michael D. Dicembre, Esq., the senior founder of Dicembre Law has focused on defending criminal drug related offenses for nearly fifteen years. Mr. Dicembre has defended individuals charged with drug trafficking offenses at trial and prior to trial in both state and federal court. A number of Mr. Dicembre’s clients have seen their cases ultimately dismissed as a result of his filing and successfully arguing Motions to Suppress, Motions to Dismiss and Entrapment. Mr. Dicembre handles drug trafficking cases in both state and federal court.

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Given the serious penalties associated with Drug Trafficking offenses and the life altering impact they could have on you and those close to you, it is absolutely imperative that you consult with an experienced drug trafficking defense lawyer. If you have been arrested for a drug trafficking offense in Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee or anywhere in Central Florida or across Florida, call the Orlando drug trafficking defense attorney at Dicembre Law today for a free consultation. Let us use our experience to help you. Call (407)649-1999.

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