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Defense Against Health Care Fraud Charges in Central Florida

Health care is an important service which we all depend upon. As health care laws constantly change, these changes have been instrumental in an increase in lawsuits filed against health care providers and professionals.

Central Florida Health Care Fraud Defense Attorney Michael DicembreA Health care fraud conviction may result in serious consequences. From hefty fines, loss of health care credentials, or even time in prison. If you are charged with health care fraud in Florida call our Orlando health care fraud defense attorneys immediately. Our early intervention might make a difference in the outcome of your case.

One of the more common charges that Orlando heath care fraud defense lawyers must deal with is Medicare / Medicaid fraud. The federal government is extremely aggressive in trying to catch and prosecute institutions for fraud.

Types of Health Care Fraud under Florida Law

Being a crime that affects insurance companies and State and Federal Governments, healthcare fraud is aggressively prosecuted. Healthcare fraud may be prosecuted in State or Federal Court, depending upon the circumstances of the case, the evidence mounted against the accused, and the amount of money or cost associated with the healthcare fraud offense or offenses.

There are many ways in which institutions and individuals may be charged with health care fraud. Some specific examples of health care fraud are:

  • Trying to bill for services not rendered;
  • Prescribing and billing unnecessary services or procedures;
  • Creating fraudulent cost reports;
  • Making kickbacks or self-referrals;
  • Prescribing or billing unnecessary medical equipment;
  • Prescribing or billing medical equipment which is not provided;
  • Submitting claims for health care services rendered to non-existing patients
  • Other health care fraud tactics.

The criminal defense Law firm of Dicembre & Nace in Orlando, represents the legal rights and goals of those facing criminal healthcare fraud charges, or other criminal defense issues in Orlando, Central Florida and anywhere in Florida. For a free and confidential legal consultation, please call us at (407) 649-1999, or use our online contact form.

Healthcare Fraud Charges and Penalties in Florida

Conviction penalties for healthcare fraud could result in incarceration in State or Federal Prison for a term of 1 year - up to 20 years.

Health care fraud may include the following criminal charges:

  • Medicare fraud;
  • Medicaid fraud;
  • Health insurance fraud;
  • Medical billing fraud;
  • Other health care fraud.

Our Central Florida criminal defense attorneys have years of experience handling fraud cases, including health care fraud cases in Orlando and throughout Florida and will be able to answer your questions and let you know what you can expect as the process unfolds and your case makes its way through the court system.

Contact our Florida Health Care Fraud Defense Attorneys

If you or someone you care about is facing health care fraud charges in Orlando, Central Florida or anywhere in Florida contact us immediately. Health care fraud cases are complex and require a lot of experience and a special set of skills and knowledge that many defense attorneys don't have. Our health care fraud defense lawyers have represented many clients facing these charges. Call us today at (407) 649-1999 or fill out our online form for a free consultation. We keep your information confidential.


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