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Central Florida Traffic Lawyer - Defense Against Leaving the Scene of an Accident ChargesThe Orlando criminal and traffic defense lawyers at Dicembre & Nace understand that accidents happen and can happen to anyone. We also understand that accidents are extremely stressful for those involved and sometimes people panic and simply can't face the situation. As a result, some people just leave. Unfortunately, leaving the scene of any accident is a criminal offense in the State of Florida.

If you are cited with leaving the scene of an accident in Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee or in any place in Central Florida you should consult with one of our experienced Central Florida traffic defense lawyers.

In Florida, those charged with leaving the scene of an accident can be assessed up to six (6) points on their driving record. Additionally, license suspensions, huge fines, probation, and even potential jail time are among the potential outcomes depending on the circumstances. Given these possibilities, it is important that you have the proper representation.

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