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The Central Florida criminal defense and arson attorneys at Dicembre & Nace understand that anyone being charged or investigated for the offense of arson here in Central Florida is facing potentially serious and life altering consequneces if prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Orlando Arson Defense AttorneyArson is a crime in which the Defendant is alleged to have intentionally set fire to a home, business or property. Buildings are not the only form of property that can be the subject of arson. In fact, a person can be found guilty of arson of a vehicle or portable structure.

Not only is arson a crime that is taken very seriously by the police and prosecutors assigned to the case because of the inherent danger associated with setting a fire, an arson case is one that will be scrutinized heavily by law enforcement because arson is an offense that is typically associated with other criminal activity.

For example, arson is sometimes the result of an individual trying to collect insurance, which means that individual would likely face fraud charges in addition to an arson charge. Sometimes arson cases result from an individual's attempt to destroy evidence of another crime or criminal activity.

Whatever the situation or whether additional charges are contemplated, the Orlando criminal defense attorneys at Dicembre & Nace recommend that anyone arrested for or accused of committing arson contact an a criminal defense attorney immediately. Arson, as noted earlier, is a serious offense and the potential penalties are severe. Moreover, arson cases are generally assigned to special investigators and, in some instances, special prosecutors.

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If you have been charged with arson in Orlando or anywhere in Orange County or Central Florida, call the Orlando criminal defense and arson attorneys at Dicembre & Nace today. Our number is (407)649-1999 and we offer a free initial consultation.


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