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Tips for People on Probation


Orlando Probation Attorney Michael DicembreThe Orlando probation attorneys at Dicembre & Nace represent people with all types of probation violations:

  • misdemeanors and felonies;
  • technical violations and new law arrests;
  • federal and state court.

Our criminal defense team understands that violations of probation are taken seriously by the courts and the prosecution. With that in mind, the Central Florida defense attorneys at Dicembre & Nace offer these following tips that may help you get through probation successfully:

  1. Report to probation office as soon as possible. If you did not get an appointment from the probation officer in the courtroom, go to office in person immediately and get one. If no one will see you, be polite and write down the name of the receptionist along with the date and time.
  2. Keep a separate folder with all your probation paperwork. Keep a notebook as well. Write down all your bills and expenses (and keep receipts). Write down your income (and keep pay stubs) or your efforts to find work.
  3. Tell your probation officer if you are having financial problems. Better still, tell them in a letter and keep a copy in your personal probation folder. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY, IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR PROBATION APPOINTMENTS. At the appointment, tell the probation officer that you have financial problems.
  4. Report to your probation appointments. Even if you do not have money to pay cost of supervision, you MUST still report to your probation appointments. If your probation officer says do not bother coming to your appointment if you do not have the money, you MUST GO ANYWAY.
  5. Keep your probation appointments. If your probation officer says that he/she will violate you if you do not bring money, you MUST still keep your appointments.
  6. Keep detailed records.
    • If the probation officer is giving you a hard time, write down the time and date of each problem as they occur in your notebook, along with the name of the person causing the problem and an explanation of the problem. By doing this, you have a written record to show your attorney and the judge.
    • Whenever you give the probation office money, get a receipt and keep it in your folder.
    • Whenever you give the probation office paperwork (such as completion of a class or community service), keep a photocopy in your folder.
    • If you are ordered to perform community service hours, make sure the charity records the hours and provides a copy to you showing that you have completed the hours. Provide this to the probation officer (but keep a copy for yourself).
    • If you are having financial problems, tell your probation officer that you want to perform more community service hours to work off the money owed to them. Put your request in writing and keep a copy in your folder.
    • If you can not make one of your appointments or if you miss one, call probation to explain the situation and ask for a new appointment.
    • If you do not have a job, keep a list of the places where you tried to get work and the date that you went there. If possible, try to keep a copy of all the applications that you complete for work.
    • Always bring all of your paperwork to each of your court dates.


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