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Orlando Traffic Ticket Attorney Tony NaceThe Orlando traffic ticket defense attorneys at Dicembre & Nace understand that getting a speeding ticket or any other traffic citation is never fun. Beyond the stress and aggravation of being stopped by law enforcement, the reality is your ticket may have consequences beyond merely the cost of paying the ticket issued. Depending on the type of offense, points could be assessed against your driver license. It is important for all drivers to realize that too many points can lead to a revocation or suspension of your driving privileges leaving you with no license or ability to drive. Additionally, how a ticket is resolved can have a significant impact on your insurance rates for years to come.

Because of the potential consequences, it is always a good idea to consult an Orlando traffic ticket attorney before you decide how to resolve a traffic citation. Most times, our traffic ticket defense lawyers can help you resolve your traffic citation in such a way that avoids points on your license or the risk of future license suspension. The cost of having our experienced traffic ticket attorneys in Orlando represent you is likely less than the extra money you would pay if your insurance rates were to increase.

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If you received a traffic ticket in Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee or in any other place of Central Florida call the Orlando and Central Florida traffic ticket defense lawyers at Dicembre & Nace and let us help you today. In most cases, we can resolve your citation without you ever having to spend the time or aggravation of going to Court yourself. Call us at (407) 649-1999 or fill out our online form. We offer a free consultation and will keep your information confidential.

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