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Orlando VOP Defense AttorneyIf you are on probation in Orlando, Central Florida or in any other place in Florida, it is important that you abide by the conditions of your supervision. If you or a family member has violated your probation or you believe that your probation officer is going to accuse you of violating your probation, contact the Orlando violation of probation attorneys at Dicembre & Nace to assist you immediately.

Violations of Probation, or VOP, are serious matters. Whether the alleged violation is technical in nature, such as failure to complete community service hours or failing a drug test, or substantive in nature, such as being arrested or accused of a new law violation, a person charged with a violation of probation can be sentenced to the maximum period in jail or prison that he or she could have been sentenced to on the original charge for which he or she was placed on probation. Additionally, 'Violation of Probation' warrants are often 'No Bond' warrants meaning that once arrested, a defendant can not bond out of jail while the case is pending and you may be sitting in jail for weeks or months until your case is resolved. Because of this, many people facing a VOP get scared and simply stop reporting to their probation officer. However, failing to report to your probation often makes the matter worse by causing additional grounds for violation. Additionally, if the court knows that you failed to report, the court may be less inclined to give you bond or even another chance at successfully completing your probation when you are eventually arrested on the outstanding violation of probation warrant.

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Central Florida Violation of Probation LawyerThe VOP defense attorneys at Dicembre & Nace in Orlando, Central Florida, are ready to assist you with your violation of probation case today. We will immediately begin working on your behalf to address the issue of bond and to resolve your case. Our initial consultations are free, so call our criminal defense lawyers today and let us help you deal with your violation of probation (VOP). We service the Central Florida area including Orlando, Maitland, Dr. Phillips, Winter Park, Windermere and Kissimmee. We also have clients in South Florida. Please fill out our online form or call us at (407 )649-1999 and talk to one of our VOP lawyers for a free consultation.


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